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Re: RFS: gtklp -- Frontend for CUPS written in GTK+

On 2004-04-27 "Zak B. Elep" <zakame@spunge.org> wrote:
>    * New maintainer (Closes: #244199, #245619)
>    * New upstream version (Closes: #209172, #194459)
>    * Fixed typo in man page (#170642), patch forwarded to upstream
>    * Fixed translation bug (#226839), patch forwarded to upstream
>    * Man page fixes (Closes: #100435)
>    * English is the default language (Closes: #85962)
>    * Rebuilt debian directory to reflect new Standards-Version (was 3.2.1)
>    * Build-Dependencies already complete (Closes: #84581, #89878, #90528,
>      #123676)

Thanks, nice. :-) Just some minor tidbits:

You seem to have repackaged it almost from scratch dumping the
dependency on debmake in the process (afaict on a very short glance),
but it is still listed in Build-Dependends.

Build-Depends: libcupsys2-dev, libglib1.2-dev, libgtk1.2-dev,libgnutls-dev | libgnutls5-dev, debmake, debhelper (>= 4.0.0)

You also should not build-depend on "libgnutls-dev | libgnutls5-dev"
*If* you build-depend on gnutls you should have an exact
build-dependency on libgnutls7-dev because cups is using this version
and you do not want gtklp to link against two versions of gnutls.
(Crashes might be the result.)

Imho the build-depency on gnutls should simply be droppep, gtklp does
not use gnutls, it is just a libtool artefact caused by
libcupsys2-dev, which already depends on libgnutls7-dev.

Did you repack the source? - The md5sum does not match:

ametzler@downhill:/tmp$ grep orig  gtklp_0.9p-1.dsc
 6e287468e9e01bae464c78a197f94160 533124 gtklp_0.9p.orig.tar.gz
ametzler@downhill:/tmp$ wget \
ametzler@downhill:/tmp$ md5sum gtklp-0.9n.src.tar.gz
aaae46694b96290113033420c1958ed7  gtklp-0.9n.src.tar.gz

Just use "mv name.of.downloaded.tar.gz gtklp_0.9p.orig.tar.gz" before
you start building.
                 cu andreas
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