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question and request for comments on php4-interbase package


I have adopted the php4-interbase package which provides firebird and interbase acces with php.
They can be found here:

Some changes I made are copied from the very similar php4-pgsql. I copied the debconf questions and
the translations and adjusted them. The package is linda and lintian clean and builds with pbuilder. 

Which brings me to these questions:
1) Do you have any comments about the packaging?

2) Is there a license on translations and debian files? (the files in the debian directory). Is this
some debian default? Or is it considered to be to marginal to have copyright? In other words. Is it ok
to copy the way I did.

3) I have the following warning during build:
dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of libgds.so not recognized

Should I change anything since libgds.so is not in my package?


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