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library dependency issue


I am new to library packaging and I recently packaged gnuradio, the software
defined radio. The issue is this: GNURadio build-depends on libqt3-mt-dev.
It can also be built without QT. When I build with QT support (which is of
course very useful, as one can do all the useful things like plotting the
FFT etc), the shlibs depends gets filled with all kinds of fancy X libraries
like freetype, xrender etc. The gnuradio libraries actually gets linked with
those libraries. I poked around the upstream source and commented out
references to X_LIBS, X_PRE_LIBS etc in the autoconf macros, rebuilt the
configure script, rebuilt the libtool script etc (yes I am aware of #242950

But still the issue persists. I am clueless on what is causing the problem.
Can some library experts look at my packages and comment on the issue? The
0.9-1 versions on the unstable have some issues, so please look at the 0.9-2
version at



[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=242950

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