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Re: ask for package naming

Dear Mentors,

On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 11:23:03AM +0200, GCS <gcs@lsc.hu> wrote:
>  I am intend to contine Martin F. Krafft's work on Grsecurity[1],
 s/contine/continue/ and for making the life easier for Sponsors and
Mentors, I have uploaded both kernel-patch-2.4-grsecurity and
kernel-patch-grsecurity2 to mentors.debian.net ; also some words about
the packages:
Description:  grsecurity kernel patch - 2.4.x security patch
 This patch provides Greater Security to the Linux kernel. It includes a
 robust ACL system, extensive auditing capabilities and measures to stop the
 most common methods of exploiting a system. These include limited chroot(),
 fork() rate limiting, various network limiting and randomizing options,
 memory page protection on IA32, restricting mprotect(), random PIDs, and
 much more.
License: Mostly GPL, a small bit is BSD license.
Upstream: http://www.grsecurity.net/
Version: 1.9.15 and 2.0


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