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Re: buildd out-of-dateness

Frank Gevaerts <frank@gevaerts.be> writes:

> Hi,
> foobillard is out of date on s390. The first build attempt failed on
> 04/04, because of missing libsdl1.2-dev. AFAICS, libsdl1.2-dev is again
> available since 08/04, but foobillard has not yet been rebuilt.
> How long should I wait before contacting someone to do something, and who
> should I contact ?
> Frank

A package should never be failed due to a missing (not yet compiled)
package. Thats what "Dep-Wait" is for. If you see any packages failed
due to missing build-depends contact the buildd admin imediatly (thats
wanna-build state failed, not a maybe-failed from the buildd logs).


games/foobillard_2.9-2: Needs-Build [optional:out-of-date]
  Previous state was Building until 2004 Apr 17 09:17:33

foobillard is not failed nor is it stuck. Looks like the s390 admins
have been working on it.


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