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Re: Closing bugs.

Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo <fenio@o2.pl> writes:

> Hello.
> I've got question related to closing bugs.
> Let's say I adopted some package, and with the new upstream version
> I should close some outstanding bugs. And I did it in 1.1-1 version.
> Then I ask previous maintainer to upload it, and he pointed me out some
> other needed changes. So I made another release 1.1-2 with those fixes.
> Then previous maintainer uploaded it, but he built package without
> `-v1.0` switch so only latest changelog was included.
> This led to non-closed bugs which are fixed in fact.
> What now? Should I close those bugs manually, or is it correct way to
> upload another version (1.1-3) including changelogs from 1.1-1 to 1.1-3?
> I mean is it good way? Then changelog from version 1.1-2 will be parsed
> two times. 
> regards
> fEnIo

Are the bugs taged "fixed" from your uploads? If so just closing them
is fine. maybe with a one line "acknowledged by maintainer" comment.


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