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RFS capisuite and sfftobmp

Hello just repacked the following packages

capisuite and sfftobmp
website is http://www.capisuite.de

short description capisuite

easy fax and voice box solution for ISDN/CAPI capable devices
In the default setup CapiSuite provides a fax and voice box solution for
multi users. The Software is very usefull if you have a CAPI20 capable
ISDN Card like AVM Fitz!Card

short description sfftobmp
SFF (Structed Fax File) converter
 Tool to convert "Structured Fax Files" into Windows bitmaps(BMP),
Portable Bitmaps (PBM), JPEG Pictures (JPG) and single or multipaged
TIFF Images.

This is used to convert the incoming faksimiles wich are saved as sff to
be converted to graphics to pdf files wich then will be mailed to the

the "i hope ready for upload" files / .debs are located
If you think after installation/testing this packages are good enough
for debian then i go to fill an ITP 

Daniel J. Priem 
aka codebreaker 
#debian #debian.de freenode.net

Retrieve my key from: 
keyID 7B196671
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