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Re: RFS: mpd - Music Player Daemon, and clients

Eric Wong <eric@petta-tech.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been maintaining Debian packages for the Music Player Daemon
> project for the past month or so, and have finally decided that they're
> ready for sponsorship and upload into Debian proper.  I have the full
> support of the upstream authors, and have myself contributed to the
> upstream development of mpc and mpd.

Debian packages for new upstreams, mpc and mpd (version 0.10.3 for both)
are up!

I've fixed and improved the postinst script for mpd a bit.  Further
comments and suggestions are welcome.  Of course, sponsorship to have
this readily available in Debian would be greatly appreciated.

www.MusicPD.org -- #mpd on irc.FreeNode.net

> All packages are lintian and linda clean.
> Packages are available at:
> 	http://des.petta-tech.bogomips.org/~eric/MusicPD/releases
> 	deb http://des.petta-tech.bogomips.org/~eric/MusicPD/releases ./
> 	deb-src http://des.petta-tech.bogomips.org/~eric/MusicPD/releases ./

Eric Wong                normalperson@yhbt.net
Petta Technology, Inc      eric@petta-tech.com

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