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Re: Should I always clean in debian/rules before making binary?

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> schrieb:

> On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 03:19:55PM +0100, Frank Küster wrote:
>> - In the install target, you would call something like
>>   $(MAKE) install prefix=debian/tmp/usr
> It's easier to use DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp if DESTDIR support is
> available; that way you get less confused by /etc.

Ah, you're right. The last package I prepared from scratch doesn't
install anything into /etc anyway, and my only alone-maintained package
uses it. 

Hm, how do I know (other by trial and error) whether a package supports
this? autoconf'iscated ones do not use it generally, do they?

>> - From a policy point of view, it doesn't hurt to call clean before
>>   debian/rules binary, but if you do that, I'd do it in debian/rules,
>>   not by hand. However, I recommend not to do it.
> I'd call it a bug to do that. I believe the buildds, and certainly
> dpkg-buildpackage, do something morally equivalent to 'debian/rules
> build && fakeroot debian/rules binary'.

Didn't think about buildds. Only about human ones, also called
> Use dpkg-buildpackage (or debuild, a wrapper around it which sorts out
> fakeroot and the like) rather than 'debian/rules binary'.

The last is a remark to the OP's question, not to me, right? Because
that's what I meant: Don't make binary depend on clean, because it
enables you to delete exactly what you want and then run the binary
target, and dpkg-buildpackage will run clean, anyway.

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster, Biozentrum der Univ. Basel
Abt. Biophysikalische Chemie

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