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Re: RFS: truncate (now it's free, for real!)

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 05:21:05PM +0100, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Maybe you could try reimplementing (some) of that as a shell script
> using dd. That way, you'd cut down on the packaging overhead. Also,
> if
> there's more stuff like that, it might eventually be worth
> considering
> having a package for the whole bunch.
I don't get this point or rather I don't see the point at all since I
use plain dd or a shell alias for its features used frequently.
I packaged truncate with newbies in mind, as I said.
> > I'm not a programmer, I mainly use console to do network
May I explained wrong, I'm not used to "create" programs of my own, as
an admin, I'm used to fix stuff. Anyway I'm still far from NM skills
check :-)
> The problem is that maintaining includes handling bug reports. 
>This in
> turn means that you cannot properly maintain packages where you're
> completely unfamiliar with the usage of the package or don't have a
> clue when looking at its code.
... and I'm not that dumb to mail a RFS without being able to read the
code of what I've packaged :-)

Luca Pasquali <keta@email.it>
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