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Re: RFS: pdfmerge

Hi mentors,

thanks for your input,

Ben Young wrote:
In a way I agree w/ Jepri. If I want a specific
script, I would like to be able to install it right
away (few Kbs of script in my system is ok!) and not
download the whole package of 32mb of a larger unknown
program with another weird name just to get that
script running.

While I totally agree with you, this point doesn't work here as pdfmerge is dependent on gs-common, so apt will fetch it for you anyhow...

I think the question is: If I am a non-professional user and i wanted to merge a bunch of pdf files, would I know what to look for in dselect? I don't think that anyone would find out he needs to select a package called gs-common in order to get a program to merge pdf files... (I didn't knew it was the package that ps2pdf came from, until this discussion...) As gs-common is marked "optional", it isn't installed by default on a system, ifaik...

If I look throuch dselect (or http://packages.debian.org/ ) for the string "pdf" I can't find a package where I see pdfmerge would fit.
Except for xpdf-utils, perhaps...


When in doubt, use brute force.

                               -- Ken Thompson

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