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Re: RFS: pdfmerge

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 09:52, Jepri wrote:
> pretty much everything in coreutils could be done with a perl one 
> liner.

Strictly speaking, anything could be done with a perl one-liner, it's
just that the line might be rather long depending on what you want to
do. :)

> Matthew Palmer wrote:
> >Eh?  Where has someone said "we do not want pdfmerge in Debian"?  There have
> >been queries about your implementation, and about your intentions to produce
> >a separate package for it, and a (quite valid) suggestion to submit it to GS
> >upstream.
> But then we end up with the redhat madness where it's hard to find a 
> particular program because it has been lumped in with some related 
> package that doesn't share the name.

It shouldn't be hard to find so long as it's mentioned in the package

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