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Re: ITA with already removed packages

Hello, Sorry for late answer.

Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de> wrote:
Message-ID: <[🔎] 4039E8E2.1000106@beamnet.de>

> > I intend to adopt libming etc.  But [1]they are already removed.
> > Does anyone tell me whether I should reopen and re-title the old wnpp
> > bug #166973, or submit new ITP?
> I think it would be best to submit a new ITP, maybe providing a
> reference to the RFA/removal bug.

Thank you.  The name of upstream source has changed and I think it's a
good way to submit new ITP, too.

> Before you do that, note Colin Watson's reassigning mail, though (it's
> the retitling/reassigning email:
> > libming and libming-fonts-openoffice have been orphaned for over a
> > year; during that time there appear to have been perhaps a dozen
> > commits to upstream's CVS repository, and my impression is that it's
> > not particularly actively maintained there. libming has no reverse
> > dependencies that I can see other than libming-fonts-openoffice, and
> > vice versa.
> > libming currently has two grave bugs, one of which indicates that it
> > needs source changes to make it work with the current PHP API.
> Unless you can address all of these (upstream presumed dead and the
> grave bugs), you should (IMHO) not reintroduce the package as lack of
> upstream does not enhance quality.

(i). I checked the changelog of libming and it is true that this project
was not so active.  But from the web page, I got the impression that
libming comes active again since this year.
(ii). I can't find the information of the grave bug PHP.  But another
grave bug, #226241, seems to be easy to fix.  And if the ming module
in PECL is better than that of libming, I'm going to remove php4-ming
from packages generated from libming.  

> You might also want to consult the previous Debian maintainer, Erich
> Schubert, and check out libflash as an alternative.

I want to use [1]zphoto, a zooming photo album generator, and it requires
libming.  There is the package of zphoto in [2]Debian JP.

 1. http://www.namazu.org/~satoru/zphoto/index.html.en
 2. http://packages.debian.or.jp/unstable-jp/graphics/zphoto.html.en

 Hidetaka Iwai

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