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RFS: python-scipy & python-f2py

I need a sponsor to upload python-scipy and python-f2py (a dependency
for python-scipy)..

About these packages:

  SciPy is an open source library of scientific tools for Python. SciPy
  supplements the popular Numeric module, gathering a variety of high
  level science and engineering modules together as a single package.
  SciPy includes modules for graphics and plotting, optimization,
  integration, special functions, signal and image processing, genetic
  algorithms, ODE solvers, and others.
  The purpose of the F2PY --Fortran to Python interface generator--
  project is to provide connection between Python and Fortran languages.
  F2PY is a Python extension tool for creating Python C/API modules from
  (handwritten or F2PY generated) signature files (or directly from
  Fortran sources).

I've been working together with one of the upstream authors, Pearu
Peterson, in order to get the packages to follow the policy. There are
no lintian warnings/errors and it follows the debian and python policies
to the best of my knowledge.

There is an ITP bug concerning this software (see
<http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=126037>) originally
from Joe Reinhardt, who dropped it, and I claimed it. I referred to his
packages but these were done from scratch.

The packages are available from my repository,
<http://jrfonseca.dyndns.org/debian/>. (Let me know if there is problems
downloading since it appears some people can't access this site by some
unknown reason).


Jose Fonseca

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