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Re: Multi-person sponsorship

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>>Now, does the autobuilder get moved to another machine, or do I just put on
>>my scary face when adding people to the authorised uploaders list?  <grin>
> If you are using i386: umlbuilder
> That way you need an uml exploit and a root exploit to use the uml
> exploit.
Before you bet too much money on it: I had pbuilder-uml fail on me
consistantly for a package where pbuilder worked fine. (The package was
a CVS snapshot of (a development version of) libopenhbci, I didn't try
the package currently in Debian, thought.) That package died in the
middle of a compiler call.
Unfortunately, I never got around to investigating whether it was an
obvious misconfiguration or somesuch, so I didn't file a bug.

Kind regards


Thomas Viehmann, <http://beamnet.de/tv/>

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