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Re: Multi-person sponsorship

Matthew Palmer wrote:
> So, comments, brickbats, acclaim, whatever.  Throw it at me.

Well I don't think that this system as described would be of any use to
me. I want to maintain a close relationship with the people whose
package I sponsor. I want to know if they are not able to send me a
package that will build properly. I want to work with them and be
familiar with the overall work they are doing on Debian, so I want to
always sponsor their package except when I'm unavailable (or too slow).

Evenually, and most importantly, if they turn out to be doing a good
job, I want to get them into Debian as a proper DD, and that is why I
require the numerous bits of information I gather in passing while
sponsoring them, so I can know if I want to advocate them or not. 

(I'd also like to see AM's making more use of this information. If I've
advocated someone, I can tell you what parts of T&S they have already,
IMHO, passed.)

Also, if things should go wrong, and my sponsee turns out to not have
the skills, interest, or time, I consider it my responsibility as the
sponsor to do any cleanup that might be required, orphaning or
temporarily maintaining packages, etc.

I don't see that your system helps with any of these things. I can see
it being possibly useful in the case where I am temporarily unavailable
and my sponsee needs to make an upload, but I cannot imagine myself
using it to randomly request to perform such a sponsorship for someone I
don't know and don't have a working relationship with, for a package
with which I am unfamiliar.

Just me, perhaps.

(I also hope that nobody roots your autobuilder.)

see shy jo

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