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Re: Multi-person sponsorship

Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> writes:

> On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 11:21:11PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Matthew Palmer wrote:
> > > So, comments, brickbats, acclaim, whatever.  Throw it at me.
> > 
> > Well I don't think that this system as described would be of any use to
> > me. I want to maintain a close relationship with the people whose
> A worthy sentiment.  I certainly have no wish to tell anyone else how to run
> sponsorships (especially since I'm not the most experienced sponsor around). 
> However, there's nothing to stop you only checking and uploading packages
> created by someone you have otherwise agreed to sponsor.  Nothing I'm
> creating is supposed to place an obligation on *anyone* to sponsor something
> they don't want to - and I apologise if anything I've said gave anyone that
> impression.

I saw this proposal more for people that don't have a sponsor
yet. Currently one asks for one and maybe gets one or not. Packages
are forgotten or overlooked easily.

New packages could be entered into the system and once a sponsor is
found asking him for the next upload could be proper practice.

There could still be the possibility to use the autobuilder. Packages
could get associated with their last sponsor and immediatly marked as
"taken by XYZ" for a week or a month. If the sponsor is on vacation or
or gone MIA the package would return to the normal pool for everyone
to pick after that week or month.

Seeing that new and sponsored packages fail with missing Build-Depends
I think having an independent and properly working autobuilder compile
each upload as check is a good idea. Too many DDs don't seem to be
using pbuilder / umlbuilder / sbuild for a final test.

> > package I sponsor. I want to know if they are not able to send me a
> > package that will build properly. I want to work with them and be
> Since you only get packages for sponsorship which have built in a clean sid
> chroot out of my system, you can be fairly sure of that.
> > Also, if things should go wrong, and my sponsee turns out to not have
> > the skills, interest, or time, I consider it my responsibility as the
> > sponsor to do any cleanup that might be required, orphaning or
> > temporarily maintaining packages, etc.
> That is, IMVHO, an important role for a sponsor.  A comment someone made
> up-thread (about an "NM keyring") triggered a thought for me - a kind of
> "sponsee-db.debian.org", where people who are not DDs, but who have
> sponsored packages, have their info.  That'd cover keys, name, country, and
> some echelon info.  That's probably not for me to write, but if anyone's
> interested in a project, I know that I, for one, would be happier with a
> wider knowledge of sponsored package maintainers.

Each participating NM could get a comments page where hopefully
friendly and civilized commends can be posted by sponsors.

> > (I also hope that nobody roots your autobuilder.)

That we hope for all the autobuilders.

> - Matt


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