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Re: RFS: irssi-scripts -- useful collection of scripts for irssi

Florian Ernst (florian@uni-hd.de) wrote:
>  Description         : useful collection of scripts for irssi
How does it feel, putting together one of the 24 useful packages?
(SCNR, I know that you didn't make that up.)

>Should I rather explain the dependencies for each single one of these
>23 demanding scripts in the description, or keep it like that, or...?
If they're mostly used interactively, how about gracefully failing with a note why
(This program needs foo to run, on Debian, you find it in packages bar). That, in
combination with Recommends etc., would IMHO be the most useful.

>2) Dependencies:
>All Recommends: and Suggests: are not versioned, and unfortunately I
>don't know whether they really need to be or not...
>(I don't mean policy-wise, but regarding this particular package.)
Ideally, you'd verify some more prominent versions (i.e. those in woody, sarge) of
the packages let your scripts work is intended.
(I'm not claiming that that's necessary though.)

Kind regards


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