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RFS: irssi-scripts -- useful collection of scripts for irssi

Dear Mentors,

[CC to the original maintainer]

I sincerely hope that particular spell on me is lifted (recently I've
written four mails to DDs and haven't recieved any response yet)...

My short-term goal is to simply maintain the orphaned[1] package
irssi-scripts[2] whereas in the long run I'd also like to contribute
to various parts of Debian and possibly become a DD myself.

I've taken measures to conclude the first step, ie. I carefully
stepped on some upstream developers' toes as well as bugged the
upstream maintainer and put together an update for this package which,
I believe, closes all outstanding bugs[3] as well as it is lintian /
linda clean and (de)installs just fine.

My further plans include adding several other scripts to this package
as well as continuing maintenance.

Here are the mixed package's specs:
* Package name        : irssi-scripts
 Version             : 11
 Upstream Maintainer : Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek <stefan@pico.ruhr.de>
* URL                 : http://scripts.irssi.org/
* License             : GPLv2 / BSD / Public Domain
 Description         : useful collection of scripts for irssi
 Long Description    :
This is a collection of useful sets for the irssi IRC-client. Thus,
installing this package makes only sense if you intend to use irssi.
Please see the contained README.Debian for additional packages you
might need for some individual scripts to work properly.

There's a quick-and-dirty deb repository for this at
deb http://ernst.uni-hd.de/debian ./
deb-src http://ernst.uni-hd.de/debian ./

However, while packaging I encountered some problems where I need some

1) Dependencies:

This package contains 222 individual scripts. 16 of them need
libwww-perl to run so I made this a Recommends:, but there are several
other dependencies only one or at most two scripts need at all so
I set them to Suggests: resulting in 24 packages (~25MB) listed there.

Actually I thought about explaining these dependencies in the long
description, but later on considered it to be bloat and moved it to
README.Debian leaving the user basically alone during install stage.

Should I rather explain the dependencies for each single one of these
23 demanding scripts in the description, or keep it like that, or...?

2) Dependencies:

All Recommends: and Suggests: are not versioned, and unfortunately I
don't know whether they really need to be or not...
(I don't mean policy-wise, but regarding this particular package.)

3) Dependencies:

One script (openurl.pl) has hardcoded w3m, ncftp and mutt. I duly
replaced w3m by sensible-browser, but I'm not sure what to do with the
So far I've left it alone.

4) Perl Policy:

One script (xmmsinfo.pl) actually contains a module that needs to be
split out. I guess I need to install this module to a directory in the
perl module path[4], but how should I preferrably do it?

Thanks for taking the time,


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