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maintaining new packages,upgrading to newer upstream versions

I just recently started using debian, 6 months ago.
I have run into a number of situations in which I needed to build a
package, or thought a package could be useful.
The packages I have been working on are:
sara security scanner,
nagios-modules, nagios doesn't have all the modules package for nagios.
snort-webmin (just doing QA for the webmin maintainer.)
dcc rhyolite, want to upgrade from 1.1.17 to 1.2.32.
dynfw, based on dynfw from gentoo dynamic ipblock/ipadd script.
(dynamically block unblock a single ip address in iptables via bash script.)
Useful for opening up a a port for one machine, or automatically blocking
a bad machine via portsentry.

I use all of these packages for my servers at work, so I work on them at

This must be a dumb question, but I am running into problems determining
how to upgrade an older version of a package to a newer version of the
Example, i have the deb.dsc and similar files for sara, and it is based on
sara 3.x, I wish to upgrade it to version 5.0, which is the current
What is the correct/easiest way to do this?
I am not creating a new package from scratch, I am just updating packages
based on newer versions.
I have looked at the debian docs, but they were still sort of confusing.
If their are references I missed, let me know.

I've got to the point where i can run dpkg-buildpackage and generate a deb
file from existing files I've created via
dpkg-source on the dsc file.
I got the buildroots, dependencies figured out.

I am just now sure what I need to do to upgrade it to a newer upstream

Could someone perhaps provide help (and probable answer a number of simple
questions) concerning this?
Luke Computer Science, System Administrator.
Montana State University, Bozeman MT.

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