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problem with non PIC code


I maintain the debian  package of the library alogg, and the Bug#216839 
(libalogg.so.1.3.3 is a non-PIC library) was filled against it. I don't know how 
to solve this bug :

alogg includes non-PIC code because of the use of "allegro-config --libs" during
its building. If we look the outpoot of "allegro-config --libs", we can see the static 
library liballeg_unsharable. It is this librairie which includes non PIC code (see bug #    
229988 against liballegro4a for more details).

The allegro's maintainer suggests to me that "I need to ensure the
executable wich need alogg links with alleg_unsharable  and exports 
its symbols to the library alogg with -rdynamic". But I don't know how
to do this.
- The executable (Ire) links with alleg_unsharable.
- If I have well understanded, I must build libalogg without alleg_unsharable.
I try to do it with the option --warn-unresolved-symbols but after I fail to build
IRE due to unresolved symbols (normal, after all). Any ideas?

	Many thanks for your help and sorry for my poor english!

Alexandre Pineau
Il vente, c'est le vent de la mer qui nous tourmente. - Pierre Mac Orlan

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