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Re: adopting xcruiser

Hi Thomas

Thomas Viehmann wrote:

Ville Palo (ville.palo@vi64pa.net) wrote:

I fixed one little bug (213654) and some lintian reported errors.

Just a few thoughts
- The package presently in Debian is xcruise, not xcruiser.
- Declare your intend to adopt the package by appropriatly changing
  the orphaning bug. Debian has policy on this and potential sponsors
  most likely prefer sponsoring people following them.

Ok, done that.

- Maybe get the bug reporter of the other important bug to test your package.
  If it's the same problem as 213654, you can ask "can I find a sponsor for
  adopting xcruise, my package fixes all bugs with severity >=important".

Those other bugs are not fixed, I'm sure about that.


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