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GNU polyxmass: brand new lintian-linda-clean packages

Hi all,

Some days ago I asked if someone would help me assess if the packages
I prepared for the GNU polyxmass project were OK, and some kind soul
pointed me to some errors that were detected by lintian.

(This project is GPL'ed software, aimed at allowing user perform
simulations and analyzes of polymer mass spectrometric data.)

I've reworked the packages now and they are lintian-linda-clean unless
for two things:

1. the menu icon (that is limited to 24 colors using The Gimp) makes
   the verification programs complain about colors which are non
   correct. I could not find a solution to this problem and found on
   the web that lintian was buggy with this respect. Anyone ideas ?

2. the verification program also pretends that the detailed
   description might contain a non-indented section (control
   file). However, I could not find why there was this diagnostic.

Apart from those lintian W/E messages, the packages are clean.

I would be glad if someone was interested in that software, and would
try the packages that I made.

The packages should be apt-get'table from

deb http://www.polyxmass.org/debian-packages binary-i386/
deb-src http://www.polyxmass.org/debian-packages source/

I tried this with

# apt-get install polyxdef

and it correctly determined the dependencies on a virginal Debian
GNU/Linux machine, downloading everything needed (what a wonder !).

Overall, the fact that I had to prepare Debian packages certainly made
me improve the upstream material. That's clever, for a packaging

Thanks for your help,




	Mass spectrometry in GNU/Linux ? GNU polyxmass !

	 www.gnu.org/software/polyxmass or www.polyxmass.org

	  Free software that you are welcome to distribute!

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