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Re: C library for numerical analysis and math

Ok so i want the library as Free and under the GPL License.

I dont want to work with Octave since it is interpreter based and the whole point behind numerical analysis is super speed.

If other people want to work on it with me thats fine but i have to say where numerical methods are concerned you have to be good at:

1) math

2) assembly

3) C

4) math

Also the university i'm from sukz big time. The Computer Science and Enginnering students dont even know what linux is (go figure). They think that MS visual basic, MS visual .net etc are THE languages.

The moral of the story is I have absolutely no faith in other programmers as i have never actaully met other programmers. 6000 students and only 2 people I know are good at programming and they are the only to people who know Linux( anyone see a pattern :)? )

Ok so with the library as Free and License as GPL (or MIT/X or LGPL I dont really care as I've completely given up on understanding the Licence philosophies) where do i goe from here? Somewhere on debian page there was something about uploading and testing.

Also if any one can explain to me the licensing issues in 5 3-letter words or less I'll be happy. Hey I might be good at C, assembly, and math*2 but i really suck at legal gibberish.

power to the penguin


Zen my library is perfect but if you want I'll try my best to add some bugs

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