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Looking for a sponsor: autodia

Hi people!

I'm currently in process of packaging autodia and I'm looking for a sponser 
to review my work :-)

AutoDia is an open-source, auto-documentation and auto-diagramming 
system allowing you to automatically generate Images, XML, HTML or Dia files. 
It is based on Object Oriented Perl and uses Template Toolkit, 
GraphViz, and INLINE::Java. 
AutoDia's design goals have been good Object Orientation such as
plenty of abstraction, use of inheritance, extensability, robustness
and elegance. Speed and security are not concerns as this application is
designed to generate xml for documents in a batch processing manner, not
an interactive manner, and is a single user application for use from the

All files are on http://zynthetix.free.fr/debian/dists/unstable/main/

thanks in advance

Cédric Gehin					http://zynthetix.free.fr
La programmation est un art: ne prétendons pas en être des virtuoses,
mais tout au plus des adeptes.

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