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Re: RFS: rapidsvn

Hi Matt,

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 09:22:23PM +0000, Matt Kern <matt.kern@undue.org> wrote:
> I can't seem to find an ITP for rapidsvn,
 Well, I let Timothee's one alone as my changes are a continuation of
his works, and it did not look good if I file an other bug for the same
ITP (well, he changed the bug title to RFP later on). So I am going to
change it back to ITP.

> with your (cryptic) name on it.
 Do you mean 'László Böszörményi'? This is my real name, and often has
problems because of the lotsa accents. That's a reason why I use the nick
'GCS'. Should I use my real name only in the changelogs, and/or without
the accents?

> If you have, have you spoken to the other two people who filed ITPs
> for rapidsvn last year (#186212 and #192160)?
 I was speaking with Timothee Besset (#186212) for two reasons: he has
the most recent entries for ITP-ing RapidSVN and he was doing the
unofficial packages for the project. Upstream hosted his packages at:
Timothee and Alexander Mueller (upstream author) are nodded on that
I can take over of the Debian package, as Timothee hardly has time for
it nowadays.

> If you get back to me on these, I will sponsor your upload.
 Thanks, please tell me if I should do any more work on it in any way.


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