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RFS: oKle - DVD player for KDE


I've built a package of oKle, a KDE front-end for Ogle with a number 
of enhancements compared to ogle-gui, and so am looking for a sponsor 
who would be willing to assist. (This is my first package, but in 
time I may add other packages, likely end-user KDE apps - gwenview, 
for instance, is woefully unmaintained).

The package can be tested by adding these lines to sources.list:

deb http://chrsmrtn.freeshell.org/debian ./
deb-src http://chrsmrtn.freeshell.org/debian ./

apt-get install okle (and gwenview if you wish to try my updated 
package of that as well) should get you going. Please contact me if 
you have any questions.

Christopher Martin

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