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help! broken setup.py install on rampage

i need help with a setup.py of a package i try to crate.
it seems severely broken and i dont know the proper way to fix

I got cvs write access and the license to kill (the setup.py).

my problem is that i hardly know the first thing about setup.pys.

>From the head of the project: 
On hard setup.py requirements; it should work with python2.2 (and
newer) distutils, should be able to write cerebrum_path.py to a
directory in the default sys.path, should be able to install
Cerebrum's files as documented in the top-comment of the current
setup.py, and should not be as much of a hack as the current
implementation. Other command-line options (besides --root, which
the debian build process uses), like --prefix, needs to work "as
expected" as well

if you think this can be acived with current python
distutils in a clean way i would welcome tips and help.

you can look at the present setup.py and the mentioned
file-distribution here:

of cause you can check out the source anomymously and try my
totally broken but building package, which is included in that

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