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Re: Best Way to Fix Package Icon

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 12:11:39AM -0500, Daniel E. Markle wrote:
> I can then use the build scripts to copy it to the appropriate
> directory.  However, I need to get rid of the old icon file.  What is
> the best way to fix this?  Modify the Makefile to not install it?  Or is
> it best to keep my fingers out of the source for the program as much as
> possible and delete it with the build scripts?
> If I modify the Makefile I could easily have it install the 'fixed' icon
> instead.  Is that the best solution perhaps?

After the makefile installs the image, nuke it from within debian/rules.
IMHO the best way because you don't mess with the upstream source quite as

Joshua Kwan

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