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Re: sponsors?

On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 10:57:01AM +1100, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> Quick hand check.  Of all people willing to sponsor others, who actually
> checks that page regularly to find people to sponsor?

In addition there is the forum at mentors.debian.net. Which is not
checked by possible sponsors I guess.

> Wasn't there previous discussion on using the BTS for tracking sponsorship
> requests and such?  Perhaps we should give that a crack - virtual package,
> say "sponsor" or "wnpp-sponsor" (don't want to put these onto wnpp itself,
> since it's got enough crap already), wishlist bugs for new applications, and
> higher severity bugs for NMU and bugfix sponsorship requests (perhaps equal
> to the severity of the highest bug fixed <g>).  The bug gets closed in the
> changelog (Sponsored by <foo>.  Closes: #nnnnn.)  If you need a new sponsor,
> you file another bug.  Rolling uploads with your existing sponsor would be
> handled privately.

Why not wnpp and a new Subject-Tag "RFS"? RFP and ITP are there anyway?


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