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Help with init replacement


I'm not entirely sure this is the best place for me to ask this, but it seemed 
like a reasonable guess.

I am the author of daemond, an init replacement <plug style="shameless">which 
is blindingly fast and flexible</plug>.  I would like to allow it to work for 
debian but I am unsure how to proceed.  Should I:

(a) Ask for someone willing to take my source and adapt it for debian, 
maintaining it there

(b) Create an initial debian package for it /then/ offer it for maintenance


(c) Create tha package and maintain it myself, asking for a mentor?

In the case of (b) and (c) above, things are complicated by the fact that I 
don't personally use debian.  (b) would be possible if someone would give me 
a tarball of the set of all possible boot time scripts from a sid install, 
although testing remains problematic--  but a prospective maintainer would 
then be able to install and find the kinks rather than have to construct a 
(potentially complicated) complete boot setup before he can even try.


-- Marc A. Pelltier

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