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Re: kbirthday - neither linda nor lintian clean

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 03:00:45AM +0100, Eike Sauer wrote:

> I packaged kbirthday, a KDE kicker applet that reminds 
> of birthdays (which it reads from the KDE adressbook). 
> I've got one message from lintian and one from linda
> - but two different ones.
> linda tells me:
> W: kbirthday; Contains shared libraries, but is not in 
> Section: libs or base.
> Technically, a kicker applet is a shared object.
> >From users view, it is a (kicker) application. 
> So I'd like to have it in section "kde". 
> Is it ok to disregard this warning?
> lintian tells me:
> E: kbirthday: no-shlibs-control-file usr/lib/libkbirthday.so

I'm not familiar with kicker, but normally, shared objects like this are
"plugins", meant to be used with dlopen(3), and not shared libraries meant to
be dynamically linked with executables, and as such should be in a subdirectory
of /usr/lib, not in /usr/lib itself.  Moving the shared library should resolve
both of these warnings, and you do not need a shlibs file.

>From section 10.2 of the Debian Policy Manual:

     Shared object files (often `.so' files) that are not public libraries,
     that is, they are not meant to be linked to by third party executables
     (binaries of other packages), should be installed in subdirectories of
     the `/usr/lib' directory.  Such files are exempt from the rules that
     govern ordinary shared libraries, except that they must not be
     installed executable and should be stripped.[2]

 - mdz

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