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kbirthday - neither linda nor lintian clean


I packaged kbirthday, a KDE kicker applet that reminds 
of birthdays (which it reads from the KDE adressbook). 

I've got one message from lintian and one from linda
- but two different ones.

linda tells me:
W: kbirthday; Contains shared libraries, but is not in 
Section: libs or base.

Technically, a kicker applet is a shared object.
>From users view, it is a (kicker) application. 
So I'd like to have it in section "kde". 
Is it ok to disregard this warning?

lintian tells me:
E: kbirthday: no-shlibs-control-file usr/lib/libkbirthday.so

Problem is: The library has no soname version number 
at all (*), and as far as I understood, there's no shlibs 
without a soname version. Do I have to beat upstream 
until he sets such a number? Or is there a possibillity
for a valid shlibs file without it?

The files can be found here:


$ objdump -p debian/kbirthday/usr/lib/libkbirthday.so | grep SONAME
  SONAME      libkbirthday.so

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