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Re: [debian-mentors] Re: [debian-mentors] config.sub and config.guess | .diff.gz bloat

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Andreas Metzler a következőeket írta:
> Two things:
> Does -name config.{log,status,cache} actually work for you? It doesn't
> do for me:
> Never ever use "|xargs rm -f".

Thank you. Is it okay now?

--- orig/debian/rules
+++ mod/debian/rules
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
 clean: debfiles-stamp
-       find . -name config.{log,status,cache} |xargs rm -f
+       find . \( -name config.log -o -name config.status -o -name
config.cache \) -print0 |xargs -0r rm -f
        rm -f build-stamp
        rm -f modules/config-stamp
        rm -d debian/zorp-modules.files
@@ -64,12 +64,12 @@
        # Add here commands to clean up after the build process.
        -$(MAKE) distclean
-       -find -name ltmain.sh -o -name config.h.in -o -name stamp-h.in \
+       -find \( -name ltmain.sh -o -name config.h.in -o -name
stamp-h.in \
        -o -name config.cache -o -name config.log -o -name
        -o -name stamp-h -o -name config.sub -o -name config.guess \
-       -o -name Makefile.in -o -name aclocal.m4 -o -name configure|grep
        -v ++pristine |xargs rm
-       -find -name autom4te.cache |grep -v ++pristine |xargs rm -rf
-       -find -type l |grep -v ++pristine |xargs rm
+       -o -name Makefile.in -o -name aclocal.m4 -o -name configure \)
-print0|grep -z -v ++pristine |xargs -0r rm
+       -find -name autom4te.cache -print0|grep -z -v ++pristine |xargs
-r0 rm -rf
+       -find -type l -print0|grep -z -v ++pristine |xargs -0r rm
        -rm -f modules/zorp-module-http-2.0.0/tests/Makefile

GNU GPL: csak tiszta forrásból

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