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Looking for a sponsor: geektool

Hi people!

I'm currently in process of packaging geektool and I'm looking for a sponser 
to review my work :-)

geektool prints file's content on screen's background, in real time. It allows 
to keep any file on background, with any new line added to the file  
automatically printed on screen. For exemple, you can use it to be informed 
of system's message by printing /var/log/message.
It allows to choose the geometry of output window, color of police, if you 
want all the file or only next lines, and the refresh delay.

All files are on http://zynthetix.free.fr/debian/dists/unstable/main/

thanks in advance

Cédric Gehin					http://zynthetix.free.fr
La programmation est un art: ne prétendons pas en être des virtuoses,
mais tout au plus des adeptes.

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