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Re: DD Process

* Adam Kessel (adam@bostoncoop.net) wrote:
> I applied to become a Debian Developer back in June or July. My last
> communication with my application manager was my response to the tasks
> and skills questions in mid-September. I haven't heard anything since
> then.  
> I'm wondering if I should just sit tight and wait for a response, or if
> it's a good idea to send a note to see if I'm lost in the stack or if
> there's some problem with my application. I realize everyone is busy, so
> I'm just wondering if there's anything I should be doing at this point.

This probably veries depending on the AM, but as an AM myself I
certainly don't mind people pinging me every once in a while to see how
things are going.  I would say maybe a week or two without contact would
justify a ping.  Of course, I'm probably about to get a bunch of pings
from this email. :)


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