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Newbie Question

I couldn't google the answer to this question I have,

But first some introductions:

I'm the guy who started the SimplyGNUstep distro quite a ways back.

The burden of creating a new distro with it's own package system was far too great, (especially w/o any help) :-), So I've decided to make it Debian Sarge based distro. Not a fork, just a different install disk and some extra packages which do not conform to the Debian filesystem guidelines. My idea is to have a sarge based OS, but with an extra repository which I will create for installing the gnustep packages which are particular to this distro.

Anyhow, I started making a .deb package today for gnustep-make. Like I said above, It's not intended for being in the main Debian packages because the way I'm doing it does not follow the Debian filesystem rules.

Basically I'm making a bunch of gnustep stuff install into /, so you get /Applications, /System, /Network, etc.

After this is done and can make .dsc(s) for all the other gnustep stuff and apps, for both Debian and SGSTEP, they should work on both. So eventually I'd like to start maintaining all kinds of official Dbian gnustep packages, but's that a later, maybe a week or two down the road.

Soo. my big question is this:

Part of gnustep-make's responisbility is to create a directory structure for a gnustep system. This directory structure is composed of LOTS of empty directories. Yet, when I make the .deb all the empty directories are "filtered out" (I don't know which dh* is doing this). I would really like to keep these empty directories in the package. So, short of putting empty files in all the directories or creating the directories in a *install script, can this be done?

I'm really looking forward to my great Debian adventure!



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