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camsource-0.7.0-0.balu.2 - ready for sponsoring?

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 07:15:33PM +0200, me wrote:
> Can someone please have a look at my just finished .debs? 

Version 0.7.0-0.balu.2 gets somewhat close to what I'd call finished and
ready for upload. 

However - you might have some comments on the package before I start
searching for a sponsor.

> More info on the package can be found at
>         http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=211538
> The packages can be found at 
>         http://www.b-a-l-u.de/debian/camsource/

I've changed the following things from the first .deb I've posted here:
  * Added debconf to ask wether to create video devices or not (and removed
    that part from the README)
  * Suggests: makedev (for video-device-creation), xbase-clients (as
    helper to the x11/xwd input plugin)
  * The static libraries (.a) and libtool-files (.la) got removed from
    camsource-dev, because they are not supposed to be used by anyone.
  * moved dh_install from install: to binary_arch: in debian/rules

A shlibs file does not get created, because I think that the shared libs are
camsource-only plugins and not to be used by anyone.

I've played a lot more with the package, but that were the main changes :) -
The changelog-entries for 0.7.0-0.balu.2 will get removed - 0.7.0-0.balu.1
contains the entries that are supposed to be in 0.7.0-1.


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