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camsource -- a modularized and multithreaded webcam-streaming software

Can someone please have a look at my just finished .debs? 

More info on the package can be found at

The packages can be found at 

They were checked by lintian and linda and were clean (ignoring 
W: camsource source: newer-standards-version 3.6.1)

First problems I had regarding wether to split off the shared libraries
or not were answered by chapter 10.2 of the policy :)

To use the package with a webcam you have to create the video devices
using makedev, allow a user to rw there, ... I've described what to do
in the README.Debian. I was not sure wether to create the devices
automatically, but besides getting too far for a first packaging you are
not limited to video-devices. You can also stream your X-desktop :)

PS: If someone is willing to sponsor the package I'd be glad. But first
I was going to ask Michael Holzt (Kju@debian) to sign my key. I am
going to ask him to sponsor the package too, but I am not sure if he
wants to yet ;)

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