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RFS: APT-Fu - source building tool for APT

Hello, I wrote a new source-building tool for APT and am looking for
somebody to sponsor it.  

Here's an excerpt I wrote for the README file:

    Why APT-Fu?  Why not use an existing source-building tool in Debian?

    The source-building tools I've encountered in Debian have all had their
    strong points, but none of them had nearly all the features I wanted.

    I wanted something that would let me install a package from source with
    one command: `apt-fu src-install pkg`

    The ability to automatically modify the source code through simple
    configuration scripts with inline-patches: optFiles.

    The ability to easily preserve my changes if I manually edited
    something: configurable auto-diff generation with the --prompt=pre-build

    I also wanted to keep the scores of rarely used, and sometimes
    conflicting build-dependencies off my system: --no-keep-builddeps, the
    the default setting

    apt-fu can also decide which build-dependencies to build from source,
    choosing only the ones with static libraries or objects in them. It
    won't build every single build-dependency from source because the
    resulting binaries won't benefit from it: (--recursive|-R option)

    Furthermore, I wanted something that would work on the latest 'stable'
    distribution (3.0, at the time of writing). Correctly selecting the
    default source package version and build-deps is important to me since I
    keep unstable deb-src lines in the sources.list for my stable machine in
    case I need a backport done to stable: `apt-fu src-policy pkg` to check.


Description: source building and package installation tool for APT
 apt-fu is a command line tool for the downloading, modifying, building and
 installing of Debian binary packages from their source code.  It can
 automatically target source packages for a non-Debian architecture compatible
 with supported Debian architecture.  It can also automatically modify fields
 in control files, automatically apply patches, and run other modifications
 through scripts known as optFiles.
 It can be run as a normal user with sudo or as root.

Please take a look and try it out here:

URL: http://www.yhbt.net/normalperson/debian

deb http://www.yhbt.net/normalperson/debian ./
deb-src http://www.yhbt.net/normalperson/debian ./

Thanks for reading.

Eric Wong/normalperson

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