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Need new sponsor for GNU-Smalltalk

Hi all,

My current sponsor appears to be unavailable, so I wonder if anyone
else would have time to sponsor this package for me? I'm interested in
getting the package into testing, and this upload should close some

Additionally, if anyone knows where I can get access to alpha, m68k,
or ia64 machines to test builds on (IANADD(Y)), that would be
helpful. The package currently FTBFS on those arches and the only way
I can test is to upload a new version to the archive (which hasn't
been going so well).

Package sources are available at:

Description: GNU Smalltalk - an implementation of Smalltalk-80
 GNU Smalltalk is an implementation that closely follows the
 Smalltalk-80 language as described in the book `Smalltalk-80: the
 Language and its Implementation' by Adele Goldberg and David Robson.


-- Brett

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