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Re: Strange rpath problem

On Sun, Sep 21, 2003 at 08:15:37PM -0400, Stephen Gran wrote:

> Since it is not, I was wondering if others had seen this before.  
> Building previous versions of this program (albeit with different 
> versions of the various tools) did not produce this lintian warning.
> In fact this prompted me to go back and look at the last built version:
> steve@gashuffer:~$ objdump -x /usr/bin/kcdlabel | grep -i rpath
> steve@gashuffer:~$
> So, I didn't change anything, but suddenly I am getting an rpath built
> in.  Odd.  Also, notice that X is the only rpath defined, even though
> this program links against all the usual KDE stuff (which means about a
> billion libraries used during builds).  This is what led me think it
> might be an issue with X specifically.

Ah, I understand.  This is presumably a bug in one of the underlying tools,
then.  Do you run aclocal/autoconf/automake during the build?  If so, any
one of the files pulled in by those tools could have changed.  You can
probably narrow it down by searching through the files they generate to find
out where the rpath is coming from.

libtool has been known to do this in the past (see #170350, for example)

 - mdz

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