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RFS: libi18n-java -- internationalization library for java

Hi all,

I'd like someone to sponsor libi18n-java  which I need to build the next
release of  argouml. The package is  Lintian clean and I  am waiting for


Description: internationalization library for java
 This library helps internationalization of java applications.
 More information will be available in next version of the
 package, I'm waiting for upstream.
 This library is needed by argouml but next releases will
 be helpful for other java applications.
 HomePage: http://jhraigniac.freesurf.fr/i18n-lib/


libi18n-java (0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Initial Release (closes: #203148).

 -- Arnaud Vandyck <arnaud.vandyck@ulg.ac.be>  Mon, 28 Jul 2003 02:50:33 +0200

(I did not change the changelog but I did modify the description)

Many thanks for your time and help,

Best regards,

-- Arnaud Vandyck, STE fi, ULg
   Formateur Cellule Programmation.

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