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Re: fvwm-themes gets better

On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 10:41:03PM -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Andrei Mitrofanow wrote:
> > nobody interestet to fvwm-themes?
> > http://smilebef.homelinux.org/~smilebef/
> [Reading my note before sending it I see it sounds harsh.  I don't
> mean it that way.  I mean it constructively so that you will know why
> I personally have not tried any of your packages.  Please take this
> constructively.]

Ok i can change it to english.
> I use FVWM.  I am interested in themes.  But I don't read German and
> could not make any headway on your web page.  So I am left out.  Which
> is fine.  But I am also less likely to try your packages if I don't
> have clues as to what is in them.
> Of the three screenshots present on your web page, two have almost
> identical purple-grey themes and seem identical to me.  The other one
> has the same theme but with a different color.  Taken together it does
> not look like very much.  Therefore it is not interesting enough to
> sell me enough to download a set of unknown deb files and try to
> inspect them carefully because they are not from a previously trusted
> source and to test them on my machine.  Those themes look too bland to
> be interesting, sorry.
No, sorry this Themes are not in the package.
For screanshots you must look on the original fvwm-homepage.
I know, this screenshots are verry verry experimentel, this are the
development from a friend, he wanted to design buttons for fvwm, and i
have it make posible to look only for him to see the result.
This are in Detail not the same. (: the Border and the title are

> Compare this to:
>   http://fvwm-themes.sourceforge.net/screenshots/

Yes i know, these are the screenshots whitch are in my package.
> There are many more interesting themes there.  It would be interesting
> to have someone package those for Debian.  Perhaps that is even what
> you are trying to do.  But again, I can't tell that.

Im happy about this (:

Sorry for my bad english.
I hope it is to understand.

So i will now change my Home page for you.


PS: 20 min

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