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Re: Do Debian packages need to build properly with umask 0007? (was: Bug#208802: Wrong permissions on exim manpages)

On Sun, 7 Sep 2003, Andreas Metzler wrote:

> This leads to the question stated in the subject: Is it an error in
> the package if it does not build correctly with umask 0007?
> If it is an error, is there a straightforward way to fix it, i.e. some
> magic setting in debian/rules? (/I/ did not find anything in the
> make-manual.) If not it boils down to avoid cp (without -a or -p)
> and use install -m<correct mode> instead.

If you don't use debhelper, you probably don't need to change all your
"cp" to "install -m" in debian/rules, a simple "chmod -R go=rX debian/tmp"
just before dpkg --build might be enough.

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