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Re: Linking C++ libraries

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 10:44, Michael Koch wrote:

> I maintain several libraries written in C++. Unfortunately the use gcc 
> for linking. Currently I added added -lstdc++ explicitely to link all 
> needed libraries which my libraries are depending on. Is ther a 
> better way to tell libtool to use g++ for linking ?
libtool 1.4 never really supported C++ libraries properly, this is fixed
in libtool 1.5 which is the current version of "libtool" in unstable.

You'll need to run (at least) libtoolize, aclocal and autoconf again
before trying your build.

Depending on the age of your package, you may also need to rewrite the
configure.in to work with Autoconf 2.57

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