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RFS: eli -- compiler construction kit


Second try for my RFS for eli.
You can download all needed files from http://www.lichtenheld.de/debian
Comments welcome

Packages: eli, eli-doc
Binary Packages: eli, odin, eli-doc
License: GPL
Homepage: http://eli-project.sf.net/


eli: compiler construction kit
 Eli provides modern compiler construction facilities to users with a
 wide range of sophistication. It offers complete solutions for
 commonly-encountered language implementation subtasks and contains libraries
 of reusable specifications, making possible the production of
 high-quality implementations from simple problem descriptions.

odin: powerful make replacement
 Odin is a build manager like make with some important differences:
   * derived files are stored in a central cache
   * dependency and timstamp information are collected and stored
 This avoids some of the major problems of make: Different and/or
 parallel builds from the same source tree, time skew
 problems, and
 dependency control.
 This package contains version 1.17.4 of odin with some additional
 patches and is built from the Eli source (see eli package).

eli-doc: HTML and PostScript documentation for eli
 The eli package contains extensive documentation in the
 Texinfo format. This package provides the same documentation in
 alternative formats (HTML and PostScript).
Frank Lichtenheld <frank@lichtenheld.de>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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