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RFS: arp-sk : Swiss-knife tool for ARP

I am still looking for a sponsor for arp-sk:
 Package: arp-sk
 Version: 0.0.15-1
 Section: net
 Priority: optional
 License: GPL
 Upstream Author: Frédéric Raynal <pappy@security-labs.org>
 Upstream web: http://www.arp-sk.org
 Description: Swiss knife tool for ARP
 Arp-sk is a tool that allows you to create custom ARP packets.
 You can send "who-has" or "reply" packets and customize every
 fields. It can be used to check the security of your network.
 Arp-sk relies on libnet to generate the packets and must be run
 as root.
 The program will in next versions include "advanced" modes
 to automatically do "arp pings", detect boxes that sniff
 the network, and perform Man in the Middle attack, e.g.

 My first try for this package can be found at:

 It is lintian-clean, except for the newer-standards-version.

 The new upload fixes packaging bugs
 Thanks for your help ,

Clément Stenac

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