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RFS: pyx -- Python module for generating PostScript graphics

i am seeking a sponsor for my [1]pyx (0.3.1-1) package.

pyx is a python module for generating encapsulated postscript graphics
out of python primitives that abstract postscript and tex/latex. pyx is
commonly used for create 2 and 3d plots for papers. for example, the
following python code produces a [3]plot of sin and cos functions:

 from math import pi
 from pyx import *
 g = graph.graphxy(width=8, key=graph.key(pos="bl"),
                   x=graph.linaxis(min=0, max=2*pi, title="$x$", divisor=pi, suffix=r"\pi"),
 g.plot(graph.function("y=sin(x)", title=r"$y=\sin(x)$"))
 g.plot(graph.function("y=cos(x)", title=r"$y=\cos(x)$"))
debian packages are available on my [2]home page.

[1] http://pyx.sf.net/
[2] http://decoy.wox.org/~bob/debian/unstable/
[3] http://pyx.sourceforge.net/piaxis.png


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