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Re: vimoutliner -- plea for sponsoring

#include <hallo.h>
* Matej Cepl [Mon, Jul 28 2003, 03:11:29PM]:
> Hi,
> I have created a package for vimoutliner. Is there anybody who would
> like to sponsor me?
>    Package: vimoutliner
>    Status: install ok installed
>    Priority: optional
>    Section: editors
>    Installed-Size: 204
>    Maintainer: Matej Cepl <matej@ceplovi.cz>
>    Version: 0.3.0-1
>    Depends: vim (>= 6.0), perl
>    Description: a script for building an outline editor on top of Vim
>     Vimoutliner provides commands for building using the Vim text
>     editor as an outline editor. For more explanation on what
>     outlines are and what they are good for see the script's
>     webpage at
>     http://www.troubleshooters.com/projects/vimoutliner/index.htm

No, it is not:

VimOutliner is a program to facilitate quick and productive outline processing using the Vim editor (version 6 or better). It also facilitates the "hyperlinking" of different outlines using Vim's tagging facilities.

And now, I know much more, really! :( The whole page seems to be looking
for coders with thons of specifications, no self-explaining user doc or

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